5 Reasons for Pittsburgh Pickleball Players to Join Indoor Club

December 8, 2023

Pittsburgh pickleball can be a tricky passion. It’s the fastest growing sport in the US, but in Pittsburgh weather is often… well, not ideal. Frequent rain. Harsh winters. Wind and humidity all make it difficult to get outside and play. During the 33% of the year that Pittsburgh does grace us with playable conditions, parks are crowded with pickleballers waiting for their chance on the court — some waiting hours for a chance to get their foursome on the court.

Here’s 5 reasons why indoor facilities, like Pickleball Harbor, will change your experience with the game.
Year-Round Enjoyment: Pickleball Harbor, the first-of-its-kind dedicated indoor pickleball facility in the area will provide year-round enjoyment — in all weather conditions. Pickleball Harbor will protect pickleballers from the elements with a comfortable climate-controlled space that includes indirect LED lighting manufactured specifically for the sport.
2. Consistent and More Enjoyable Playing Conditions: Pickleball Harbor’s hard indoor courts (the same style courts used at the Australian and US Open Tennis Championships) will play just like outdoor expectations. The bounce you have come to expect will ensure Pittsburghers will enjoy a more consistent and fair play. Indoor facilities, like Pickleball Harbor, provide a dedicated space for the game, minimizing distractions. This focused environment can contribute to a more immersive and enjoyable playing experience.
Healthy Habits: Playing pickleball consistently throughout the year comes with its own health benefits. Repeated play reduces the rate of bone loss, helps conserve bone tissue, and prevents osteoporosis. Hitting and receiving the ball can help improve hand-eye coordination, while supporting cognitive function. Continuous quick play increases heart rates, improving cardiovascular endurance, enhancing circulation and blood pressure levels  — and lowering risk of heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in the state of Pennsylvania.
Community: Joining Pickleball Harbor as a member means becoming a part of our pickleball community. Players of all ages and skill levels will find a home here. Pittsburgh pickleball players will enjoy new friendships and a sense of belonging with a like-minded group. Our members-only organized events and social gathering will help to expand your network with other players.
Learning Opportunities: Pittsburgh pickleballers who are new to the sport or who are looking to enhance their skillset will have the opportunity to play with other beginners or partake in structured lessons. You never have to worry about being intimidated by a group of regulars who dominate the local courts. With dedicated events tailored to beginners, we’re committed to welcoming everyone to the sport who has a desire to play.
Memberships will be limited to ensure ample court time for our members — available on a first-come, first-served basis.
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Memberships will be limited to ensure ample court time for our members — available on a first-come, first-served basis.